wilderness rites

Wild Wedge-tailed Eagle Soaring, Romsey,
A koala relaxing in Black Hills Conserva
Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria austral

Two very tired, post-retreat pumpkins;

Rosie (left) and Serra (right)

An immersion into wild belonging.

This is a time to shrug off the cloak of the identity you've been weaving all your life and leave it at the threshold a while (the earth will mind it); loosen those ropes which keep you bound to one way of being; let yourself be guided onto a path where your feet already know the way, as you walk, baring heart and soul into the wild unknown.

Who will you meet? Who will answer your call? What will you remember?

Wilderness rites of passage are a time of deep prayer with earth and spirit, of journeying the land with clear intention, a sacrifice of comfort to be in service to something larger than our individual selves. It negates the current dominant culture of disconnection and isolation by bringing us into presence with the wild, within and without. By nurturing space for awareness, connection and healing within ourselves, we also make space for these effects to ripple into the world around us.

Come as you are, be who you are and find what you need.

Wilderness Rites is a nine-day immersion, holding space for participants to undertake a four-day solo fast. A fast from all things familiar, in deep connection with the wild world and solitude from the distractions of other humans

Rosie and Serra are experienced guides who will lovingly and skilfully support you throughout the journey.

We are committed to accommodating all who are called to sit with the earth, as best we can.

The program is in a secluded bush setting, with only camping facilities.

We welcome any questions regarding accessibility and any extra support which may be needed.


Upcoming Wilderness Rites Programs

To be decided


Are you ready? The first step is to send us an email to request an application form or a phone call if you have any questions

Wilderness Rites requires substantial preparation


Who are we?

Rosie Cooper

Rosie is a herbal educator guiding people to reconnect with the wild world around them, by engaging their physical senses and intuition in the practice of traditional western herbal medicine. Alongside her passion for grassroots herbalism is Rosie's commitment to wilderness rites of passage. She stepped into her first wilderness solo in early 2016, and emerged knowing she'd found a missing piece of her life. This soon led to apprenticing with Claire Dunn (Nature's Apprentice) and Quest Protector Training with Malcolm Ringwalt (Earth-Heart Institute). 

In the years since, Rosie delved deeply into the service and facilitation of Wilderness Rites. "It is the most simple and profound practice I have found for true healing and cultivation of deep reverence and connection with the earth".

When not working with medicinal herbs, Rosie is sometimes found cooking amazing, wholesome meals for nature connection retreats and village camps.

Serra Stone

Serra is a wild, passionate and expressive human, she is fascinated by the relationship between nature and the human body. Based in central Victoria she offers Ritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage and Wilderness Rites of Passage and loves nothing more than to dance barefoot on the earth. 

Serra has a background in outdoor education, environmental advocacy, shamanic studies and dance.   She can be found wandering barefoot in the forest and spending time with her gorgeous dog Cedar.


Lily Aagren

​My quest was one of the most humbling and beautiful experiences of my life. I have never felt so held and safe, alone in the forest. I was able to surrender myself to the world in moments, as well as have the time and space to feel all the inner voices and challenges that exist with me. It is a profound reset and reminder of the potency in solitude and fasting. Stripping our possessions and routines back allows space for the world to enter.
Rosie and Serra supported me through this journey in the most caring and nurturing way possible. The thought and care that went into preparing, feeding, listening and holding space was incredible.


Nat Dowling

I wandered into a dreamscape. Beloved of the moonbeam. Trees whispered their wisdom to me and I made friends with fire. I hugged and danced the earth until the path called out the time.
I have found myself increasingly disenchanted with the proliferation of 'spiritual entrepreneur' types who seem blinded to the consumerist complicity of their own hallowed 'abundance'.
Nature quests offer an authentic antidote; potent passages and portals for change - for individuals and the world we share with non-human others. Thank you... for your reverence, respect and grounded integrity.


Flick Grey

I have come away with more than I could possibly put into words. But one part that I will share is that I have struggled for a sense of belonging all my life ... On Quest, so many layers of this pain was healed by the Earth and the beings I shared presence with. I know this is the work of healing intergenerational wounding. I have come away with a sense of joy and deep belonging, deeper even than I knew was possible.