.. about me ..

at some point when I didn't yet think of myself as young or old, I fell in love with the moon. 
I fell in love with the golden grass on the train tracks. I fell in love with a willow tree on the merri creek. I fell in love with clouds. I fell in love with the sounds of the creatures in the soil beneath my ear. I fell in love with the wind, who's playing of my heart pricked my ears to the unknown.
when I was old enough to think of them as 'children's books', I read Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. I discovered The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who. they each seeded a possibility in my awareness that if I paid enough attention... or happened upon the right place, the right time... or if I looked in just the right direction, I might suddenly find myself falling/stepping/stumbling/flailing into an adventure of wonder and magic.
from then on, I was always looking for magic. trees and others would call me in. I'd find small treasures under their branches; old coins, crystal glass, a smoothed piece of coal. I'd sit under the trees and write poems about them and the river and the wind.
when I was old enough to travel across the ocean on my own, I began to meet plants in new ways again. I met herbalists who showed me how to make oils and balms and tinctures. I met plants who took the sting out of wasp bites and who soothed my hurting throat. I met wildcrafters who showed me how to weave baskets and twine and those who reminded me how to spin fire into life. I fell into the magic! while I'd been searching so long for the magic, the magic had be quietly waiting for me to notice it.
when I followed the threads of the ways of the plants, thinking they would lead me directly to the mysterious castle of “I Know What I'm Doing With My Life”, they instead took me through vast deserts of “I Know Nothing” and into thick, brambling, frustrated forests of “What Am I Even Doing Here?!”, and down into the sinking swamps of “I Quit!”.
but in the desert of knowing nothing, I sank into the infinite space between the stars and found the limits of my awe and the edges where I could lean and grow and be. 
in the forests of What The Hell, the tangling thorns showed me to move with care. one thorn at a time. one step. then another. one breath. slow. with care.
the I Quit swamp softened my skin washed away layers of trying too hard and taught me to wallow like a pig in mud.
the threads led me to vistas of great vision, to quiet fires of profound magic and towards people with deep questions and shining hearts and knowledge of the ways of healing. 
now, I am both young and old, depending on who's beside me. 
the threads are living, weaving memory and yonder. a current of magic, sparking my heels.
I fall in step with the moon, the rippling golden grass, the birds of spring and the smells summer rain. I let thunder run through me. I make medicine with plants and am learning to help other find their magical threads.

I am so grateful to live, work and gather my herbs on unceded Dja Dja Wurrung country.

Place of Djaara people, culture and ancestors.

Such deep beauty in this earth, water and sky.

I have many names, but you can call me Rosie or Rose.

I make magic teas to order and offer occasional herbal consultations (email me to make a time)

I make herbal medicines with plants I gather

I sometimes run herbal classes, both online and in person

I run nature quest programs

I am a guide in The Wonder Sessions

I spend a lot of time with my nan and her dog

I am deeply grateful for the infinite gifts of the plants in my life and all those who love and admire them.